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Lady Bug Photo
Sweetie came to us very underweight, but after having her teeth floated, good worming, lots of good feed, and hay, she blossomed!
She has been adopted.

26 year old Ladybug is an off the track Thoroughbred, who was on her way to the Sugar Creek auction (slaughter bound) because she could not carry a foal to term. She was emaciated and afraid of everything and everyone. She was covered with mud, and when hosed off, her hoof showed deformity from an untreated cut.  

She has very nice ground manners and is a barn favorite. People need to be gentle around her face, as she was ear twitched and hit in the face at some point before she came to us. She is very trusting now, but will remain with us as she is not sound for riding.

Ladybug is happy for now and we will keep her as long as she has quality of life.

Ladybug is in need of one or more sponsors to assist with her monthly care. Please contact ACE if you are able to contribute as a full or partial sponsor on her behalf. 
sweetie photo
Buddy was one of our first saves. He was going to be euthanized, because he had wounds over a year old, which never healed. He has lymphedema so his leg will always be swollen, but he was adopted by 5 kids with their mom and dad and he is very much loved.

buddy photo
Fiona, a Walker mare, saved from slaughter at Sugar Creek has been adopted and is being spoiled rotten. She is being ridden on trails almost daily and is in training for her Mom to take over soon.

fiona photo
Cherry was skinny and untrained when we got her, but she had a wonderful personality. She was adopted quickly and is being spoiled, loved and trained, all at the same time.

cherry drop photo
Boogie was VERY SKINNY, and had many issues when he came to us. We gelded him, floated his teeth, wormed him, and have him lots of good feed and love. He grew and did wonderful. He was adopted by a wonderful young girl.

boogie photo
Jet came to us starved and stunted. He was 3 years old and had NEVER had grain! We put him on good supplements, good feed, did all the medical and dental, and just let him grow for a year and he blossomed into a gorgeous horse! 
He has been adopted. 

jetski photo
Gabe is a 3 year old Walking horse gelding we saved from slaughter at Sugar Creek. He is simply wonderful and so naturally gaited. He has been adopted.

gabe photo
Dolly is a 9 year old Haffie we saved from slaughter at Sugar Creek. She is so sweet! She is in a trail adoption as a Therapy horse now.

dolly photo
Charmed was saved from slaughter at Sugar Creek Auction. She is a 5 year old Walking mare and has been adopted by a very loving lady.

charmed destiny photo
Ruby came to us with a 3 month old huge open wound on her leg. She was headed to slaughter because it would not heal. Laurie nursed her wound and she recovered, and was adopted!

ruby photo
Freckles is a 4 year old paint with lordosis, or a sway back. She is perfectly sound and has been adopted; in fact she was in the Medina County Fair this year!

freckles photo
Lilly and Rosie came from a starvation situation, both have been adopted.

Jelly Belly was saved from slaughter at Sugar Creek. She is allergic to hay and corn. She has been adopted and is doing GREAT!

Buffalo was near death, he could not stand longer than 15 minutes when we got him, and he was covered with caked on manure. It took 16 months to repair all the damage from starvation, nerve damage and muscle loss but he is adopted now and doing GREAT!

buffalo photo
Hutch was rescued from slaughter at Camelot Sale, and has been adopted into a lovely home where he spends his time with 2 other saved horses.

hutch photo
If you'd like to help our rescue, or with any of the horses' continued care, please consider a tax-deductible donation. Thank You!
We were told Annie was a crazy, wild, uncontrollable, and dangerous mare. We took her in and adopted her out to the perfect home, where she turned out to be a wonderful and lovely little mare. Here she is adopted and very much loved.
buffalo photo
Benji was part of a humane prosecution and was seized, and then adopted out by us. Here he is looking wonderful, healthy and loving life.

hutch photo
Keen Essence is an OTTB we took in and rehomed.  Her racing days are over and she is a loved family horse now.
buffalo photo
Moses was very skinny and falling over, when we found him in a pasture in the middle of a blizzard with no shelter. We talked the owner into selling him and we found him the very best home ever! His "mom" also adopted Hutch from us. Those are two lucky horses!
hutch photo
We saved Nugget's mom Gray Sunrise from slaughter. Nugget was born 5 months later.
buffalo photo
Little Molly Mule born from a Palomino QH (see Izzy) mare who was saved from slaughter when she was 6 months in foal. Precious is already spoken for when she is weaned.
hutch photo
Starsky was rescued from Camelot Auction and has been adopted by a wonderful young girl and family. I often post his updates on Face Book now that he is a gorgeous Hunter Pace Show Horse!
buffalo photo
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LIma Gray Sunrise came to A.C.E. so afraid and untrusting, she had been a brood mare her entire life (she is 20 years old) and something very bad happened to her at some point. Gray picked her people, she did not trust many people, and did not let many people get close to her. But one person at our barn got through that wall. Renee worked with Gray, played with Gray, groomed her, and hand grazed her, then fell in love with the old mare and adopted her. Renee will give Gray peace, love, and teach her all about trust. They will be best friends.
hutch photo
Powder was saved from slaughter at Sugar Creek auction for $100.00! Her owners could not afford her so they brought her to the auction. I spoke with them while they stood in line to register her for the sale. She was a 4-h horse, and very well trained. We purchased her, and she was adopted by a VERY PRESTIGIOUS riding academy as a lesson horse. Not only was she well trained, she also loved to jump !! She is also a barn favorite of all the young girls!

hutch photo
No more mud for Missy. Missy's owner contacted us when she could no longer feed her horse, we found Missy a lovely home is a small  therapeutic riding facility where she is now loved and spoiled by very special children.
buffalo photo
Our Happy Tails Click on the photo to see it larger
Floyd came to A.C.E. Rescue as a 2 year old, he was skinny, and full of worms. He scared everyone in the barn the day after we wormed him when piles of dead round worms appeared in his stall. He was adopted and is now a Fox Hunting Show Pony!
Poptart's owner called us crying, saying Poptart would go to Sugar Creek. He had to move that week, and had no where for her to go. We picked her up, and she turned out to be a treasure. She has been adopted, and is not only  used in parties for children, but she's also a lesson and trail ride pony!

Whisper is a beautiful pinto filly saved from Sugar Creek. Her full name is Whispering Hope. She got her name because a group of people went to Sugar Creek one day to rescue horses, and while they were walking through the pens one felt her whispering that she had hope they would pick her, she was adopted 4 years ago and has been a wonderful horse.
buffalo photo
Nookie belonged to another rescue that closed down, and he was going to be put down because he was 1/2 HYPP positive. One of the volunteers from that rescue came to A.C.E. Rescue and convinced us to give Nookie a chance, and within 1 month he was under saddle and doing GREAT! 
He has been adopted and his health is great. He has a special diet, water pills, and 2 girls who could not love him more.
Cali was bought at auction by a slaughter buyer, he was going to send her to slaughter, but A.C.E. Rescue jumped in and purchased her back. She was adopted, and renamed Lakota, and is now loved and spoiled by her mom.

was our latest Red roan QH rescue, he is 8 years old and his sire is Zan Gold Jack! Look it up if you interested in his background. He has a great personality, and he's a quick learner too. Jackson went to a wonderful home in Pennsylvania and has two other horse buddies, and he's extremely happy!
came to us together with Jackson, and was adopted a few days after she arrived. She went to a great home and has a trainer as an owner.
Izzy was rescued from Sugar Creek slaughter auction along with 2 other horses. We had our vet out to check them, all mares, to make sure none were in foal, IZZY was! 
Well we all wondered what she would have, after all she could have been bred with a donkey, and SHE WAS! 
She had the cutest little Palomino Molly Mule (see Precious). Her baby was adopted as soon as she was weaned. Izzy just found her perfect young man and forever home, who adopted her. Well they adopted each other with Moms help.
Rosie was adopted by ACE Rescues Secretary Peg McCafferty. 
Peg started sponsoring Rosie when she was a yearling and worked with a trainer to get her under saddle. They are the best team and were simply made for each other.
Trinity has gone on a 
pre-adoption trial with her mom Jennifer. Jen has been working with Trin since the day she arrived at A.C.E.R., and through her efforts has produced a lovely well mannered mare. We wish them all the best in their new life together ! 
OTTB Mukamer was adopted by his very generous sponsor.  He is now able to enjoy his retirement from the racetrack.
In February 2015, OTTB Sneak Around ("Sneaky") left ACE for the journey to her forever home.