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Carole a breeder of champion Trakehners, she was also a member of the Board of Directors for the American Trakehner Association. She was a previous breeder of Arabian horses, some of which went on to win national awards. For three years in a row she owned the American Horse Show Association Adult Amateur horse of the year distinction and one year she won the World Champion Hunter Rider Adult Amateur Reserve Championship. Her knowledge and passion for horses will be missed by many across the country.

Carole Ann (Deland) Putkonen (1945 -  2013)
Chance Photo
formerly known as JB's Crown, in his not so distant racing days, is the reason Another Chance Equine Rescue, Inc. began.

We found Chance, in a field with other well horses. He was in so much pain that he could'nt move, wasting away, and prepared to die. With the generous help of Shannon Cessna of Cessna Stables, her boarders, and her riding students, this horse was given a new name, and a new life.

Chance had many old racing injuries and conditions that resulted from the hard running. He was never ridden, just loved by many people, especially by his sponsors. Chance had shown us all what strength of heart can do, and he'll remain with us forever.
In Loving Memory
Sadly CiCi was helped over the Rainbow Bridge when her cancer became more than she could handle. She was surrounded by love and peacefulness.

cici photo
Winston was with us for over 3 years, but lost him to laminitis. We did all we could but this horrid disease took this magnificent horse from us. We helped Winston cross over the Rainbow Bridge happy with a belly full of apples and mints, surrounded by people who loved him.

winston photo
We had another horse with this condition who we had treated and found a home for, so we had hope we could do the same for her. Dreamer was a 5-year-old OTTB mare named Carts Dreamer. We had Dreamer almost 2 years and did everything possible to fight the disease but sadly we lost the battle when an infection went into the bone in her hock. Dreamer was put to rest surrounded by people who loved her, she had apples and mints and fresh grass then left us peacefully. Dreamer was family; she was loved and is missed everyday. She had courage and kindness and a best friend named Karen.

cici photo
Odie was rescued from a slaughter sale by ACE and was found to have DSLD. We did all we could to try to make him comfortable but his pasterns kept getting worse and he became very despondent and was in obvious pain. His wonderful personality slowly changed until we realized he was no longer enjoying his life, he was in pain and very unhappy. Instead of Oddies life ending in a slaughter house ACE gave him 6 months surrounded by love, good friends out in the pasture and a peaceful end to his life with people who loved and cared about him. We helped Oddie end his pain with dignity and trust.

cici photo
Doc had a heart of gold, and was a kind and gentle boy. He was raced until age 12, and that is a long time for a horse to be running with lots of drugs and stress in his system. We accepted Doc into our rescue, and he was magnificent in everything we asked of him. He was very quiet for an OTTB, very honest and kind. Doc's retirement did not last long, he was adopted within a few months by a lovely woman who had 17 acres of pasture for him to run in and two other horse friends to share his new life. Sadly Doc had a heart attack and was found by his new owner when she came home from work out in his pasture. Doc always gave all he had, this is why he was raced for so long. We are very sad that Doc is gone, that he did not get to enjoy more than 3 months of his new life. We are also very glad that we accepted Doc into our rescue, that he had found someone who loved him and we are so very happy his life ended out in a huge lush grass filled pasture with his 2 horse friends.

cici photo
In Memoriam