The Rescue

A.C.E. Rescue, Inc. is a small rescue, located in Columbia Station, Ohio and is made up of a group of wonderful volunteers who are dedicated to giving the best possible care to our rescue horses. These volunteers are one of our most valuable assets. However, without funds we would not be able to help these beautiful animals. We fund the rescue with the help of private donations, sponsorships, adoption fees, and yearly fundraisers.
The Hard Truth

According to the Humane Society over 160,000 U.S. horses were sent to slaughter last year. 

  • 93.3% are healthy and without behavioral issues.
  • 96% are under ten years old.
  • Approximately 70% are Quarter Horses.
  • 16-20% are Thoroughbreds.
  • Most horses that go to slaughter are sport horses at the end of a very short career.


Our Mission is to help the horse others have forgotten, to teach the horse how to trust, and to earn their love.  We will find new forever homes for the horses that had no chance, and end the suffering of horses that without intervention will die a slow and painful death. We purchase horses directly from the kill pens, sometimes hours before they ship to the slaughter plants in Canada and Mexico. We also take the horses other rescues have given up on.